About us / FAQ


About us / FAQ

Hi everyone!

I'm Céline, the founder and creative hands behind QIIM.

I was born and raised in France. I'm originally from Martinique ( A French Caribbean island).

I'm a proud mum of two. Besides being a full time creative, I'm a bookworm, my favorite movie is Little Miss Sunshine and I love cute, tiny stationary items. 


How & When Did You Start Qiim ?

Prior to my fashion career, I was a singer for over 20 years, touring all around the world. While I was touring in Ivory Coast, West Africa, I felt inexplicably attracted to the amazing colors of the printed fabrics that the local women were proudly wearing and I bought several of them, just for their beauty. This came at a time when I was ready to change my professional career and it gave me the inspiration to delve into fashion. As a result, in 2011. I created QIIM, an unique "African-inspired" clothing line. 


Why Did You Choose A Handmade Brand?

Hands are the window of the soul so to speak. Hands symbolize generosity, strengh and blessings. It brings me so much joy each time one of my ideas comes to life through my hands.

As Brené Brown says: "I want to create, I want to make things that didn't exist before I touched them."

My hands are a way to give back to the world, to be grateful for being chosen to create an unique piece.

About Your Fabrics? Where Do They Come From?

One of my favorite place to buy fabrics it's a market in Dakar, Senegal called Sandaga. I can litteraly spend hours there, even though all the fabrics are gorgeous, I'm always looking for that love at first sight pattern.

It's an unique experience to fall in love with a fabric. I want to travel the world to find the most beautiful and unique fabrics.

How Long Does It Takes For You To Make An Item?

I make the item according to the order, my handling time is 1-3 weeks.

Because of the amount of time, effort and creativity that goes into each product, my items are made in small batches or limited edition.